Introduction to Volunteering

To ensure Outback Links is a positive experience for everyone, there are certain behaviours we expect from Outback Links volunteers. There are also skills and knowledge that some volunteers will already have, or need to refresh or learn.


Outback Links volunteers are required to:

  • Follow Outback Links policies and protocols, including all instructions from the Outback Links team
  • Maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the farmers that you are assisting
  • Ensure that you understand your own work and responsibilities
  • Ensure that you work in a way that is free from bullying and harassment  and which also appropriately acknowledges diversity
  • Ensure that you communicate with supervisors, other volunteers, and the farmers you are assisting in a professional manner
  • Organise and manage your own time as required
  • Work as part of a team
  • Follow all  Outback Links health and safety requirements
  • Follow instructions and directions from the farmer and request advice, assistance, clarification and/or further instruction when unclear
  • Ensure your behavior adheres to the Outback Links Code of Conduct.


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