Farm Skills

When working on a farm, communicate with the farmer as the main point of contact, listen to how they would approach a particular job and fit into their way of working.

  • Communicate with the farmer and ask them to describe the work
  • Wear enclosed footwear.
  • Wear appropriate clothing such as hats, shirts with sleeves and sunscreen while outdoors
  • Carry a first aid kit
  • Know who has first aid certificates
  • Remember to remain hydrated
  • Use correct safety gear for the work you are doing.
  • Inspect the worksite before you start work and monitoring it during your work day

Working with Animals

  • Avoid areas with long grass when possible as this is where snakes might be.
  • Proceed with caution into cupboards, under benches and areas where insects or snakes might be
  • Report any sightings/incidents of dangerous animals.
  • Do not touch animals without supervision from  the farmer.
  • If a gate is open then leave it open.
  • If a gate is closed then leave it closed once you have passed through.



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