Activities: Helen and Rick have just returned from Toowoomba where they had a number of medical appointments to get to. They have been home less than a week and Rick has had a motorbike accident, sustaining hip and leg injuries which is affecting his ability to keep the property operating. Helen is unable to keep everything going by herself. They need help with a variety of handyman tasks they simply do not have the time or the resources to get done and they are very quickly getting on top of them. Some are mechanical, some carpentry, some tweaking a pressure pump, the windmill and the garden both need some attention and help repairing torn shade cloth. If you are handy, we need you!

When: ASAP

Duration: For a week - 10 days

Accommodation: BYO preferably - will have access to power, water and shower - if you don't have it but can do the dates, please reach out

Activities: The drought is continuing to hit home hard and Marianne and Kevin are struggling to keep up with everything they have on their plate. Marianne's 86 year old mum, Jill, lives on a property by herself 5 hours away and understandably, she is constantly on Marianne's mind. She also has to take Kevin to medical appointments to add to the strain. Marianne's priorities must lie with the her family and keeping her livelihood alive and so the everyday tasks are falling behind. She is looking for practical, household support with cooking and cleaning which would make such a big difference to her capacity to cope.

When: As soon as possible

Duration: 3-7 days - perfect for those in the area and passing through

Accommodation: Can accommodate a caravan

Activities: Mike and Evie are usually able to get some some travelling backpackers to help them with some farm maintenance and tasks where they just need some extra hands. However, the Aussie summer and the ongoing drought brings few travellers their way and so they have reached out to you for some support. If you are practical and handy, perhaps with some knowledge of plumbing and/or fencing, interested in farm work and maintenance, some sheep work, able to help feed working dogs and horses and can lend a hand in the garden then we would love to hear from you!

When: As soon as possible

Duration: 1 week - or longer if you wish

Accommodation: There is air conditioned accommodation available or the volunteer can be independent with access to power and shower facilities.

Activities: Alison and John are in desperate need of some help to get fencing up to keep their stock safe at their property, where they have only just moved to. They had to sell their well loved home under unfortunate circumstances and need some friendly, hard working hands to help them get started again. There are many, many, many jobs to be done however fencing is their number one priority at this stage. The other jobs include some building, ceiling repairs, carpentry, installing a new toilet and other plumbing, sorting and organising belongings from their move, some mechanical and some animal/farm work. We are looking for someone extremely self-sufficient, as facilities here are minimal.

When: As soon as possible

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Accommodation: Please bring your own – generator power and tank water only

Activities: Denise has had some health challenges recently and her husband Steve is often away fencing to earn a living. Everything can very quickly build up and become overwhelming especially when health is not ideal. They would love some help with some working dog obstacles that need repair and building, bit of small scale fencing, some house cleaning and some office filing and organisation which would go a long way to helping Denise get back up onto her feet.

When: Middle of June 2018 - flexible

Duration: 1-2 weeks - flexible

Accommodation: There is a one bedroom self-contained cottage available as well as two double rooms in the house

Activities: Narelle and her husband Peter, are in need of some plumbing expertise. They need to relocate pumps and filters from underneath their 1m high house to a proposed shed nearby. The distance is simply too far for a local plumber and Peter is unable to get down and under the house to fix them in the event repairs or maintenance is required. They have had Outback Links volunteers before and would love to have some more to help them with this task.

When: As soon as possible

Duration: 2 weeks - or until the job is complete

Accommodation: BYO - will have access to power, water and bathroom facilities

Activities: Bernardine and Rem are looking for some valuable household support whilst their weaning muster is happening. These are challenging times of year to keep life with a young family running smoothly and as their youngest is too young to help in the yards, it also means Bernardine is unable to help and the team is down a pair of hands. Your duties will include child minding, school bus run at times, washing, cooking, gardening, odd jobs and possible help with cattle work if you would like. April is the weaning muster and July is the pregnancy testing muster.

When: 2-April-2018 and early July - can do one or both!

Duration: Both placements for approx 2 weeks

Accommodation: Ideally BYO however arrangements can be made if need be

Activities: Lorna and Colleen are sisters and are custodians of a sandstone property from 1862. They are both almost 90 and run things between them. To say they work hard, would be an understatement. They have reached out to Outback Links volunteers as they have had some awesome ones in the past that have been such blessings to them in relieving some of the relentless pressure. Tasks would include gardening, old maintenance jobs on stone and slab buildings, cooking and cleaning. If you are willing to put your hand to anything and everything and go with the flow, this would be a very rewarding placement.

When: As soon as possible

Duration: 2 weeks - or longer

Accommodation: Plenty of room for caravan parking and access to water and power. Access to shower facilities can be arranged if necessary.

Activities: Gerry is calling for back up for further volunteer support for their upcoming community race day event as there is a volunteer shortage in their small town. They are looking for 4-6 volunteers if possible. Check it out here Outback Links volunteers have attended in the past to help out in this circumstance and they have been super grateful for that. Your duties would include helping with the evening meal, selling beer tickets, helping with the bar work etc

When: 11-13 May 2018

Duration: 3 days

Accommodation: BYO - campground facilities with showers and toilets at the race track.

Activities: David and Hayley would love some helping hands for the beginning of the 2018 school year as they have two young boys. Your duties will include cooking, looking after the children and helping with making lunches, doing the school run, supervising schoolwork. There is also some work out on the station including fixing fences, some mechanical work, and general farm hand tasks.

When: 1-Feb-2018

Duration: Up to 4 weeks

Accommodation: There is a room and facilities available