Activities: A cathedral of the outback was the vision of John Flynn. From the turning of the first sod in April 1954 and the setting of the foundation stone by then Prime Minister Robert G Menzies; the vision soon became a reality. Through the cooperation of an ecumenical work party and contributions from all across the country, the John Flynn Memorial Church was opened on 5 May 1956. The church is recognised as a “Sanctuary of Remembrance in The Heart of Australia”, it is a fitting commemoration of Reverend Flynn, as a place of quiet reflection and worship. The church has been visited by many notable dignitaries, including Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth in 1963. Today, the John Flynn Memorial Church in Alice Springs is in need of tender loving care to help restore her to her former glory. Adelaide House, historically opened by Rev John Flynn in 1926, is also showing signs of wear and tear. Can you help us revive these historic buildings? Are you a plumber? Or a stone mason? Experienced commercial painter? Or a landscaper? We would absolutely love to hear from you if you are! Accommodation and food will be provided, you just need to get yourself there which ever way you wish.

When: 24-30 September 2018

Duration: 1 week

Accommodation: Local, dorm style accommodation

Activities: Robyn has reached out to you for support during this super tough time out on the land. The drought is beating them down both physically and financially. She is trying to manage a 70,000 acre sheep station with only 1 employee and the pressure is intense. There is anxiety around getting fencing done to stop the wild dogs, but it is financially difficult to pay wages. She is fighting to keep her property which has been in her family for 95 years. They are looking for support with fencing, drilling holes, tying wire, driving ute or tractor with equipment on board. Perhaps driving a dozer to harvest trees for the starving sheep and cattle to eat. it is not absolutely necessary, however mechanical knowledge is always a massive bonus on a property. Ride a bike to muster if able. The work would be varied to suit. She has a tourism side to her property as well to try and create some cash flow so assistance with that during the busy times would be great also. If you are looking to make a real and practical difference in the lives of our drought affected farmers, this is the placement for you!

When: 12-Sept-2018

Duration: 2 weeks - flexible

Accommodation: BYO or provided

Activities: Mary has been referred to the network of Outback Links volunteers to see seek practical support for her mother, Lorna. Lorna lost her husband a couple of years back and has had a number of serious health challenges since. She is not coping with living on this massive property in a rather large house and her family live over 200km away. They can only provide support sometimes. Are you able to provide support to Lorna to help her get things organised, cleaned up, sorted out and take care of a long list of general handyman maintenance tasks? If so, we can't wait to hear from you!

When: Between now and the 10-Oct-2018

Duration: 2 weeks - flexible

Accommodation: BYO caravan - shower/toliet facilities and power provided

Activities: John and Alison are getting back up on their feet after losing their beloved property recently. In addition to having cattle, they have started up a fencing business to help make a living. They would so greatly appreciate some strong, helping hands to assist with cutting and stacking fence posts which is physically demanding work. There is also fencing to do which worries John a lot. He just doesn't have the capacity to do it all. Their living arrangements on the property are minimal so Alison is staying in town and commutes out to the property daily. Best option is to BYO caravan, stay in town also and go out to the property daily which is about 20-30 minutes one way.

When: 3-September-2018

Duration: 2 weeks - flexible

Accommodation: BYO caravan - stay at park in town

Activities: A grazier has called us for back up support as he currently lives alone on his property whilst his three sons are in Perth. This would suit a couple with their own caravan and facilities. He is looking for support with odd jobs around the farm, gardens and looking after pets as well as domestic support with cooking, cleaning, organising and other housework. He would also love the opportunity to go to Perth to see his boys if our volunteers would be comfortable in farm sitting whilst he is away. Can you show the spirit of mateship? Showing that you care and lending not only your practical hands but also you listening ears would be priceless on this placement.

When: As soon as possible

Duration: 2 weeks - flexible

Accommodation: BYO