Activities: The drought is continuing to hit home hard and Marianne and Kevin are struggling to keep up with everything they have on their plate. Marianne's 86 year old mum, Jill, lives on a property by herself 5 hours away and understandably, she is constantly on Marianne's mind. She also has to take Kevin to medical appointments to add to the strain. Marianne's priorities must lie with the her family and keeping her livelihood alive and so the everyday tasks are falling behind. She is looking for practical, household support with cleaning and organising mainly which would make such a big difference to her capacity to cope.

When: 16-Jun-2018

Duration: 1 week - could be longer if you wish

Accommodation: BYO is preferable - however there could be an option

Activities: Jenny and Brett have 2 sons in boarding school in Brisbane and in order to financially support them there, Jenny has flown to the NT for a nursing contract. She has some help from a neighbour for a few days however is looking to our volunteers to offer their support for the dates above. This would make a massive difference to them financially as Brett can take on more work and she can stay in the NT and do maximum time on her contract there to help pay for school fees. Brett is away all day fencing and may spend an overnight away on some contract work near by if they can get some valuable, volunteer support. It just isn't a possible for them both to be away at the same time. Your duties will include taking care of the animals morning and night - the horses, dogs, cats, ducks and pigs - some gardening, check cattle troughs and fences, do as much or little cooking as desired, fencing with Brett if you would like to get involved with that and any other adhoc tasks you could lend your hand to to assist with. There is a cottage 100m from the homestead which is available to stay in however as they run on solar power, there is no heating here. Room in the homestead or BYO caravan are also options.

When: 26-Jul to 16-Aug 2018

Duration: 3 weeks

Accommodation: BYO or provided

Activities: John and Alison are getting back up on their feet after losing their beloved property recently. In addition to having cattle, they have started up a fencing business to help make a living. It is doing really well at the moment which is great and they are reaching out to you for back up support so they can keep up with the demand of orders they have got at the moment. They would so greatly appreciate some strong, helping hands to assist with cutting and stacking fence posts which is physically demanding work. There is also fencing to do which worries John a lot. He just doesn't have the capacity to do it all. Their living arrangements on the property are minimal so Alison is staying in town and commutes out to the property daily. Either way, this placement requires BYO accommodation, either in Gin Gin town at a caravan park which is about half hour away or at the property however facilities here are minimal.

When: 8-June-2018

Duration: 2 weeks - or longer if you wish

Accommodation: BYO - on property generator power and tank water only

Activities: Gwen is looking to downsize and move closer to town and she is looking for some helping hands in the next couple of weeks to do some general maintenance around the property including chainsawing some dead trees, spraying of trees, painting some much needed window sills and the laundry. However there is always a long, long list of tasks to be done so if you would like to get in and get your hands dirty, this is the placement for you.

When: Between now and the middle of August, 2018

Duration: 1-2 weeks - flexible

Accommodation: BYO or provided

Activities: Lorna and Colleen are sisters and are custodians of a sandstone property from 1862. They are both almost 90 and run things between them. To say they work hard, would be an understatement. They have reached out to Outback Links volunteers as they have had some awesome ones in the past that have been such blessings to them in relieving some of the relentless pressure. Tasks would include gardening, old maintenance jobs on stone and slab buildings, some cooking, some cleaning and some valuable assistance running their small tourism operation to the property. If you are willing to put your hand to anything and everything and go with the flow, this would be a very rewarding placement.

When: As soon as possible

Duration: 2 weeks - flexible

Accommodation: Plenty of room for caravan parking and access to water and power. Access to shower facilities can be arranged if necessary.

Activities: A grazier has called us for back up support as he currently lives alone on his property whilst his three sons are in Perth. This would suit a couple with their own caravan and facilities. He is looking for support with odd jobs around the farm, gardens and looking after pets as well as domestic support with cooking, cleaning, organising and other housework. He would also love the opportunity to go to Perth to see his boys if our volunteers would be comfortable in farm sitting whilst he is away. Can you show the spirit of mateship? Showing that you care and lending not only your practical hands but also you listening ears would be priceless on this placement.

When: As soon as possible

Duration: 2 weeks - or longer

Accommodation: BYO