Activities: Anita and Robert are reaching out for property sitting assistance so they can spend time away with their family over the upcoming Christmas. Your duties will include looking after the dogs and the chickens, ensure the garden has enough water during the hot Outback summer and some painting in the shearing quarters if able.

When: 15-Dec-2017 to 15-Jan-2018

Duration: 4 weeks

Accommodation: The property has a large lean-to on the side of our shearing quarters perfect for someone with a caravan. There is access to power, water, showers, fridge/freezer, washing machine and Telstra 4G phone service.

Activities: Alison and John are in desperate need of some help to get fencing up to keep their stock safe at their property, where they have only just moved to. They had to sell their well loved home under unfortunate circumstances and need some friendly, hard working hands to help them get started again. There are many, many, many jobs to be done however fencing is their number one priority at this stage. The other jobs include some building, ceiling repairs, carpentry, installing a new toilet and other plumbing, sorting and organising belongings from their move, some mechanical and some animal/farm work. We are looking for someone extremely self-sufficient, as facilities here are minimal.

When: As soon as possible

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Accommodation: Please bring your own – generator power and tank water only

Activities: Julie would be most grateful for some helping hands to man the station so she and her husband can take their three kids to family Christmas functions hundreds of kilometres away. Julie is reasonably new to the Frontier Services family and the opportunity to get away and reconnect with their extended family would make a big difference to her and her whole family. Your duties will include looking after the house, garden, feeding dogs and a poddy calf and keeping an eye on the horses. The Thomson River is near by with options for fishing if you so desire.

When: 22-Dec-17

Duration: 10 days

Accommodation: A guest, air-conditioned bedroom and bathroom is available or access to power if you bring your own caravan

Activities: It is now the fifth year of drought in Queensland and Denise’s husband is away fencing to earn a living for the family. Denise suffers from progressive memory loss which leads her to depression and she struggles with the upkeep of both the home and property. Your duties will include fixing and building new dog training obstacles so Denise can continue to train working dogs, general house and verandah cleaning and giving Denise’s beloved office a coat of paint.

When: 5-Jun-2018

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Accommodation: There is a one bedroom self-contained cottage available as well as two double rooms in the house

Activities: As a result of the long winded drought still affecting Queensland, Tammy’s financial resources are being invested into water infrastructure to care for their stock. As a result, they are looking for help to complete a variety of jobs around their home to help them on their way to finishing it and making it as functional and livable as possible. Duties include a vast array of building tasks from windows and cladding to interior walls and decking. There is painting, electrics and flooring tasks available too.

When: Now

Duration: 1-4 weeks - flexible

Accommodation: Please bring your own – access to outside shower and toilet, generator power only

Activities: Amanda and her husband Simon are reaching out for help to cover the daily operation of their station and running their small farm stay accommodation business. By October 2018, they will be desperate need of some time away with their two young kids to recharge together. Your duties would include checking waters, checking stock, looking after home garden and pets (x3 dogs, x3 cats, x3 ponies/horses, chooks) In terms of their Farm stay business, duties would include taking bookings for camping and accommodation, cleaning accommodation after guests leave including some washing/bed making. If you are handy, there is some work to do around converting some shed space into two bedrooms and a kitchenette. There is also a bathroom that needs some plumbing attention.

When: 2-Oct-2018

Duration: 2 weeks

Accommodation: We would be happy for volunteers to stay in our home and use all facilities.

Activities: Peter currently lives and operates his farm alone as his three sons go to school in the city. He would be so grateful for support with cooking, odd jobs, light duties around the home including washing, cleaning and other housework, gardening and perhaps some housesitting while he completes jobs which may take him away for a day or two.

When: Now

Duration: 2 weeks

Accommodation: Available or bring your own

Activities: David and Hayley would love some helping hands for the beginning of the 2018 school year as they have two young boys. Your duties will include cooking, looking after the children and helping with making lunches, doing the school run, supervising schoolwork. There is also some work out on the station including fixing fences, some mechanical work, and general farm hand tasks.

When: 1-Feb-2018

Duration: Up to 4 weeks

Accommodation: There is a room and facilities available

Activities: Jason is reaching out for help to undertake some manual, land care projects which he is unable to do alone and does not have the financial resources to employ someone to help him. If the right volunteers are a couple, and there is someone who would prefer to provide support around the homestead with cooking and other domestic tasks, there is opportunity for that.

When: Now

Duration: 2 weeks

Accommodation: Available or bring your own

Activities: Ros and Bob are reaching out for help as they are struggling to get things done whilst dealing with health issues. They would be so grateful for some extra pairs of hands to help with the light, but very time consuming, manual work of gathering the nuts from under small trees and bushes using a long handled piece of equipment.

When: 1-Dec-2017

Duration: 2 weeks

Accommodation: Must bring your own and will have access to power, water and shower