QLD - SPRINGSURE - Are you able to lend invaluable, general helping hands to sisters around Springsure?,

Activities: Lorna and Colleen are sisters and are custodians of a sandstone property from 1862. They are both almost 90 and run things between them. To say they work hard, would be an understatement. Their family are working on a long-term solution with them so have reached out to Outback Links volunteers in the interim to assist in relieving some of the relentless pressure.

Tasks would include gardening, old maintenance jobs on stone and slab buildings, some cooking, some cleaning and some valuable assistance running their small tourism operation to the property.

If you are willing to put your hand to anything and everything and go with the flow, this would be a very rewarding placement.

When: Now

Duration: 2 weeks - flexible

Accomodation: Plenty of room for caravan parking and access to water and power. Access to shower facilities can be arranged if necessary.