NSW, TRUNKEY CREEK - Can you lend some helping hands to Tommy?,

Activities: Tommy and Mary are new to Outback Links and have reached out for some back up support to help them cope. Mary has to work in town to help support the family and Tommy deals with a number health challenges which limit his ability to get through the daily tasks.

Tommy is reaching out for some strong assistance with fencing, repairing holes, tightening and adding hot wire offsets, brushcutter work to clear fence lines, plumbing and connecting up water troughs, dismantling cattle yards, general tidying up of the farm, bit of painting and as they are doing some house extensions there are plenty of other handyman tasks if you have those skills to offer.

Tommy would also love some assistance in taking care of the goats as they have about 100 at the moment so some prior experience with those would be advantageous. There are also some maremma dogs to take care of.

If you would like to base yourself here, you can take advantage of the location to sight see the area over the weekends.

A 4WD is great but a hatch or sedan will get you about as well.

When: 11-June-2018 - is flexible however

Duration: Up to 4 weeks

Accomodation: BYO is preferable - however there could be an option