NSW, LIGHTNING RIDGE - Are you in the area and able to stop in for a few days and lend a meaningful hand to Marianne and Kevin?,

Activities: The drought is continuing to hit home hard and Marianne and Kevin are struggling to keep up with everything they have on their plate. Marianne's 86 year old mum, Jill, lives on a property by herself 5 hours away and understandably, she is constantly on Marianne's mind. She also has to take Kevin to medical appointments to add to the strain. Marianne's priorities must lie with the her family and keeping her livelihood alive and so the everyday tasks are falling behind. She is looking for practical, household support with cooking and cleaning which would make such a big difference to her capacity to cope.

When: As soon as possible

Duration: 3-7 days - perfect for those in the area and passing through

Accomodation: Can accommodate a caravan