QLD - GIN GIN - Can you support John to get his fencing up?,

Activities: John and Alison are getting back up on their feet after losing their beloved property recently. In addition to having cattle, they have started up a fencing business to help make a living. They would so greatly appreciate some strong, helping hands to assist with cutting and stacking fence posts which is physically demanding work. There is also fencing to do which worries John a lot. He just doesn't have the capacity to do it all.

Their living arrangements on the property are minimal so Alison is staying in town and commutes out to the property daily. Best option is to BYO caravan, stay in town also and go out to the property daily which is about 20-30 minutes one way.

When: Now

Duration: 2 weeks - flexible

Accomodation: BYO caravan - stay at park in town