How it works



Firstly you need to fill in the Farmer Registration form to assess your eligibility for volunteer assistance.


Upon receiving your application, we will call you to notify you and find out more information if needed.


Once your application is successful we will be in touch as soon as a suitable volunteer is available for you.


If you know someone in your community who could benefit from some volunteers, you’re welcome to suggest they get in touch with us and we’d be happy to step through how Outback Links works.


Eligibility for volunteer assistance from Outback Links is considered on a case-by-case basis. You can receive volunteer help for up to 4 weeks a year. We use the following criteria to assess eligibility for volunteer assistance:

  • Physical injury
  • Serious illness
  • Assisting with care of the aged or sickness
  • Recent loss of partner/family member (within the last 12 months)
  • Mental illness
  • Birth of a new child
  • Disaster recovery e.g. after drought, floods or fires
  • Peak season relief e.g. harvest or muster
  • The work cannot be done by private contractors/other agencies in a paid capacity, or the family or individual are not in a position to pay for the service or are not able to find contractors willing to travel to their property
  • No local volunteers are available

Our Volunteers

Outback Links volunteers are from all walks of life – tradies, teachers, nurses, grandparents, gardeners, farmers, accountants, students, apprentices and more. Volunteers need to have a National Police Check and a Working With Children Check for each state they volunteer in. Frontier Services provides volunteer induction and training and encourages volunteers to hold a current First Aid Certificate.


We’ll call you during the volunteer’s time at your property to check how you are going. We’ll also call the volunteer to see that everything’s going ok.

Work to be done

Depending on their skills, volunteers can do variety of different jobs. Volunteers can help around the house with gardening, cooking, cleaning, supervising school work, or looking after young ones. Volunteers can also help with general maintenance, fixing tractors, small plumbing jobs, fixing fences, stock work, or even business admin or book keeping.

Finding a volunteer

Outback Links will support you to find volunteers. Once you’re registered and we have suitable volunteer(s), we will call you to check the volunteer requirement is still available, that you and the volunteer(s) are a good match, and to link you with the volunteer.

What happens when the volunteer leaves

We’ll call you to say thanks for having the volunteer at your property and to hear how your Outback Links experience went. We’ll also send you a feedback survey by email. Getting feedback about your experience is really important as it enables us to keep making the experience better for volunteers and farmers.

Your experience

Sharing your experience of what it was like to host an Outback Links volunteer can really encourage other farmers to give Outback Links a try, or inspire more people to volunteer to help even more people in remote Australia.

We would love to have copies of photos and feedback to share. Please email us  and tick ‘yes’ in the media consent section of the Farmer Application, as we need your permission to share this information.